Shortcuts and aliases

OK so this post is not a tip: or a useful script that I have found.

I am confused about the #2012SG (2012 Scripting Games) and Shortcuts and aliases. All the training videos I’ve watch from my Powershell heroes and mentors and blogs that you read on line talk about how aliases and shortcuts are fine at the command line to save you time, but they all preach about NOT using them in your scripts that you plan to distribute or share.

Then the #2012SG come along. once some of the categories closed and we were able to see each others scripts I’m seeing truck loads of 4 and 5 star scripts that are using shortcuts and aliases.

Then one of my heroes (the preacher) publishes this blog post…

Now the article is awesome and I agree that shortcuts and aliases have their place. However I thought that points were going to be taken off for using them in the games. I think the judges should be on the same page at least.



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